BOPR1 0.01  -0.06 | KEL 8.68  -0.01 | TRGR 1.21   0.54 | PIBTLR 14.38   1.00 | MLCF 41.68   0.96 | SSGC 37.90  -0.03 | LPCL 17.30   0.17 | DGKC 108.75   3.64 | BOP 10.14  -0.01 | PAELR1 10.05   1.00 | SNGP 28.74   0.39 | NML 119.49   0.95 | PAEL 37.15   0.39 | SPWL 35.32   0.60 | CHCC 66.55  -1.68 | FCCL 24.00   0.21 | NCL 42.92   0.77 | KASBB 2.24  -0.18 | SMBL 4.10  -0.04 | FNELR1 0.02  -0.03 | DFML 9.10   0.55 | TRG 13.43   0.23 | MERITR 3.73   1.00 | ANL 6.00   0.25 | PIOC 78.51   0.28 | PASL 3.10  -0.04 | ENGRO 212.75   2.73 | EFOODS 103.80   1.55 | GAIL 5.98   0.29 | OGDC 202.00   1.65 |
BOP-MAR 10.65   0.23 | BOP-APR 10.35  -0.30 | AICL-APR 47.00   0.07 | PTC-APR 28.10  -1.25 | MLCF-APR 30.80   0.28 | MLCF-MAR 29.25  -0.57 | LOTPTA-MAR 7.26   0.05 | NML-APR 112.00   1.10 | NBP-APR 56.00  -0.88 | NCL-MAR 46.11  -1.76 | ENGRO-MAR 186.30  -0.18 | NML-MAR 117.38  -5.60 | FCCL-MAR 17.07  -0.23 | DGKC-MAR 90.66  -2.17 | NCL-APR 44.00  -0.94 | AICL-MAR 46.40  -0.58 | FCCL-APR 17.41  -0.40 | ANL-MAR 8.64  -0.17 | DGKC-APR 88.40  -1.58 | ENGRO-APR 198.21  -2.27 | PTC-MAR 30.70   0.10 | PIOC-MAR 44.13  -0.72 | PSO-APR 407.50   13.92 | PSO-MAR 420.50  -1.50 | FABL-APR 16.30  -0.37 | NBP-MAR 53.25  -0.55 | EFOODS-APR 108.20  -1.70 | FATIMA-MAR 31.40  -0.34 | EFOODS-MAR 117.00  -1.72 | BAFL-MAR 27.50  -0.50 |
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Online Trading

Abbasi Securities takes pride to offer online securities trading via internet. If you wish to trade in the listed securities in Pakistan from anywhere in the world, you can avail our online facility for buying and selling of securities simply by logging to our website

Our online trading provides fastest execution of orders on real time basis. Our online services offer live rates, charts and corporate announcements etc.

An investment opportunity in Pakistan’s capital market can be availed as quick as possible through our online trading service no matter where you are. To start trading with us, you will need to open an account by simply signing and submitting to us the account opening form and an internet trading facility form (both are available on our website) along with the requisite documents.

Once your account is opened we will forward you the login Id, Password and PIN code at your registered email. We strongly advise you to change your password immediate after receiving. To access your online account, you will need login with your Id and password at our website. By clicking on the Equities Login at the main page, you will see the following screen to enter your Id and password.

Login screen

After login, the following screen will be displayed for trading and market watch.

Main trading screen

Click the order menu on the toolbar and then select buy or sell for placing an order accordingly.

Order window

Some of the commonly used terms with respect to trading and order window are explained below for your convenience:

Market type:

REG:Regular Market (Mainly the investment is made or disposed in this type)
FUT: Futures Market
SIF: Stock Index Futures
IPO: Initial Public Offering
Limit Order: Order will be executed at the given price
Market Order: Order will be executed at the prevailing market rates
Scrip: the company code
Volume: Quantity to be bought or sold
Price: Price at which a scrip is intended to buy or sell
PIN: PIN code which is provided with login Id and password

Order Management

System accepts buy orders only if the sufficient funds are available in the client account with Abbasi Securities (Generally, we do not allow purchases on margins). Please ensure before placing the buy order that your account has credit balance to the extent of order amount. If the account does not have the sufficient balance, the system will reject the order. When selling, please make sure that the securities must be available in your CDC sub account (electronic custody account) with us.

Our dedicated risk management system ensures the fast and proper risk management of all the orders received through internet before sending it to the stock exchange’s trading engine. In view of sensitivity in price fluctuation at the stock market, please make sure that the appropriate funds (in case of buy order) and securities (in case of sale) are available in your account to avoid any hindrance.

The risk in securities trading business is always there due to volatility and price fluctuations. Therefore, we advise the clients to use the recommended hardware, keep the hardware in order and have the internet connection with recommended bandwidth to avoid any time delays in order executions. In case of any system outages and failure, you can place or cancel orders through telephone call. After confirming your identity, our trader can execute or cancel your order. We record all the telephone calls of the clients.


For any further information with respect to laws, rules, regulations, investor’s guidelines and arbitration procedures, you can visit the websites of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) or Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) at the links below:

KSE Website:
SECP Website:

For safe custody of investors’ securities and monitoring settlement flows, the Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC), the custodian of paperless securities and National Clearing Company of Pakistan (NCCPL), centralized clearing and settlement company provide the monitoring of sub accounts and settlement flows through their respective websites. Links of their websites are given hereunder:

CDC Website:
NCCPL Website:

CDC provides SMS and eAlerts when the delivery is moved from or in to the investor’s account. In addition, it also provides balance of securities confirmation through web interface and IVR facilities. NCCPL provides settlement flow information of the transaction on UIN basis from execution till the settlement, the system is called UIS.