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A physical substance that investors buy and sell in anticipation of earning returns from price appreciation e.g. crude oil, gold, silver, cotton etc.

In Pakistan Commodities Trading is facilitated by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) which is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

You can trade in Gold, Silver and Crude Oil through Abbasi Securities.

Physical & Future Contracts:

You can accumulate Gold through purchase of physical gold contracts which is kept in the custody of PMEX till you require delivery of it. A futures contract is essentially an agreement between buyer and seller to conduct the transaction at a future date. 1-3 months of Crude Oil, Silver and Gold contracts are available.

Ease of Investing in Gold:

You can now buy gold from only PKR 50 through the Milli-Told Gold Contract. This contract represents one-thousandth of pure 24-karat Tola Gold.

Our Investment Philosphy:

We believe that commodities are a great asset class to have in your portfolio, and with the right approach investors can earn good returns in this product. We facilitate our clients by providing trading strategies and commodities outlook.

How can I invest in Commodities?

You can complete the account opening form available here and send it to us or contact one of our advisors at 0213-5845767


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